Tax liability for retirees to income tax?

Do I as a retiree file an income tax return? When should I do this, from which income than single pensioners?

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You have to pay tax only a portion of your pension. What percentage of your pension is taxable depends on what year you are retired (or go will). However, the rest of the pension is subject also to the progression clause which has not justified the tax liability per se but also affect the amount of taxes.

It also depends, of course, if you still have other issues. Not count You have a 450-euro job, which is registered with the Federal Miners. But it also includes rental income or other income, with which it You always have to file a tax return, even if you do not overstep the income limits.

This then results in your tax liability, if this proportion (less any amounts abzusetzender, including special expenses because of illnesses, donations, etc.) exceeds the basic allowance (which changes every year and is currently at 8345 euros).

Personally, I would make a return, at least in the first year to be on the safe side.

As a pensioner you are always obliged to submit a tax return. Although the tax authorities can retrieve the level of your pension in the pension administration and calculate whether or possibly how much you have to pay for taxes. But as you may have related expenses, special expenses or other taxable income is prescribed a tax return.

  • Up to 8,354 euros you annual income as a single pensioner will not pay any income tax. Spouses in pension pay no income tax at an annual income of up to 16,708 euros.
  • 8,355 euros to 13,469 euros in annual income as you single pensioner - applies to spouses of double of euros - to pay one to 7.2 percent income tax.
  • Yearly income pay 13,470 euros to 52,881 euros as a single pensioner from 7.2 to 26.5 per cent income tax. For spouses same applies to the double of euros.
  • 52 882 euros to 250 730 euros annual income you as single pensioner - applies to spouses of double of euros - will have to pay 26.5 to 38.7 per cent income tax.
  • From 250,731 euros annual income you as single pensioner - applies to spouses of double euro amount - pay the top rate of 45 percent.

Yes, as a pensioner you are not exempt from tax. From what pension that is the case, you can not say on the fly. Depends on how long you referring pension, the taxable portion rises.

I think that you should do in a year, the tax return now, then you know where you stand.

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