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Hi I have a little dog and would like to teach you some tricks to him. He can "shake hands" already "space" and although I'm not sure whether he, paying attention to my voice or my gestures or now simply knows what he must do if he wants a treat. On what make dogs more voice or gestures / body language? How does her your dog for tricks? Thanks for your help:))

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Dogs respond to voice and gestures, treats he gets only praise.

Here you can browse times, maybe there is some tricks for you here.


I have to honestly say what we want dogs or jumping jacks ?????

It's important that my dog ​​knows commands like:

Come on, sitting, stay, walk and possibly even space and more I find no need !!!

The dog should then also pay attention to sign because it may possibly be sometimes loud outside or it is just a little too far away!

But we only work with treats, even if there are many hot not good!

With sausage, from the ring to cut a thin slice that in half and cut each half into three pieces

We have a Husky dog ​​at home. Paw they are, but space makes them not long. That gives us paws, we have Leckerlie (which are really great: http://www.futterplatz.de/Trainees_mit_Rind_200_g--hqbtr2 ) we geübt.zudem the dog of my grandfather dazugeholt who learns everything very fast. Our dog has abgeguckt and seen that they will be rewarded if they are paws. Now they are always paws before there is a Leckerlie. One should however consistently trainieren-

Body language is for the dog at its clearest.

My dogs learn tricks with treats and whichever it is a clicker.

First learn my dogs the Sichzeichen then the command.

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