Teacher Discriminated students ?!

Hey so I try to be brief: $ My homeroom teacher leaves with opposite and even someone from my class always pretty "hard" sayings out to me she said recently (after we get our products, we had to submit it again I was not mine. Registered) you: you have your certificate with ?? I; No: I could have bet on it. Today before my math class work she came to me (I know I do not 2 am He math students but still no rivets) You: have you learned? I: yeah: Joa you math genius Furthermore she throws my classmates always at the head his behavior Währe impossible just because he speaks his mind. So my question now is whether that's okay? !! I feel pretty Discriminated by their spells and do not know exactly what to do. Anyone happen to know something? (If there are errors here Tuts'm sorry write this with the phone: D)

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If this is such a big problem for you, you should talk to your parents about it and your teacher say that you let her diskriminiet feel if it not be better host speaking with your / your classmate / in un the Headmaster perhaps can you share what with your teacher what make

Discrimination is something else. That is, if you systematically disadvantaged members of a group.

What you mention is called the criticism. If you had to bring your testimony and this missed, then this criticism is nunmal also entitled.

When it is said that the behavior of your classmate would be impossible, then maybe it's not just his opinion, but the tone. Here, you would always first to hear the other side.

Sometimes you might also criticized unfairly. Then one may be justified. Whether the situation described by the criticism was unjustified, you will difficult to assess

Can only agree with the answers here. And when your classmates probably makes the sound, the music in opinion-say.

you call that discrimination and hard spüche? with the certificate-claim had your teacher but absolutely right and with the math-claim also. of course nciht so great if you get held up a mirror. since there is only one thing: give her comments no fodder for those!

Discrimination can not be seen now with the best intentions.

I understand. Although my class teacher is not so bad, but I deskriminiert us continuously because we learn no vocabulary correctly, although each of us can learn lots of extra, only that does not always come so stupid comments. He makes us down like that. I wish I could make it work.

those are loose sayings .... would have liked as a class teacher .... you seem to be a "curmudgeon"

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