Teachers will not understand that I am mentally ill and it is not easy for me.

Hi Guys. I am 15 and mentally unstable or ill. I have depression, they are diagnosed and I am in outpatient therapy and for 2 years. The symptoms that are to have with me obsessive brooding, listlessness, apathy, social anxiety, inferiority complex, nervous breakdowns / Heulattacken, self-hatred, test anxiety etc. I just feel just totally weak and the public is not well. I can my sorrow and my fear but mostly good hiding. I laugh, smile and joking all gone. But just because you can not see it, it does not mean just that it is not there.

However, my class teacher does not take me seriously.

I have had several meetings with him, I sat with trembling lips, just before the outbreak of my tears and told him that it is easy sometimes so weak and afraid and that sometimes no longer just want to live and who is no longer alive wants, needs to perform well no school performance. What no future?

I am currently not at risk of suicide or it is not radical, it only occurs in very drastic Stresssitiationen. But I'm sick still.

My class teacher just can not understand, he accuses me that I my problems only vorschiebe because I really just do not feel have namely to school and want to savor my youth. Sure, I taste from my youth, where I at home encapsulated by society sit. He tells me to get my mental problems under control and then I can repeat the year until the next school year easy. He also says that he could not understand why I would be afraid of school because all are so nice to me. Maybe they offend me directly, but they can not all me suffer and I get along well with anyone from my class.

He makes me constantly only allegations, shakes his head and explains everything to the whole class. And he looks at me constantly with a hateful glare.

I have now just afraid to contact him under his eyes.

I do not know what to do. I have him already explained several times that I'm just a mental wreck simple and it is not easy for me to go out in public / school and to provide services there.

It is mostly so that I am totally exhausted because I have insomnia and I also always go away in my thoughts / issues and everything that I do not get out brings, for me howl. In addition, I feel uncomfortable and observed. Especially if I'm going to yell. Because I do it not on purpose ... I would actually even interest in education ... In addition, I feel uncomfortable and observed and whatnot.

The other teachers chop even around to me and asking lots of questions. What shall I say? Before the whole class? Thanks in V

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Man, man, man, so sometimes you might even prefer to shake all teachers in the world and they shout, but finally to open his eyes.

I'm very doll sorry for yourself, how are you doing at school and stuff. I implore you, talk to your parents or even your psychologists that really once to task to this teacher. The best would be really, if your psychologist would even make a phone call with the teacher or so, because it can not go on! Your teacher must finally realize that you can not it, and it is not fair that you're suffering under so, because this is your disease worsens just saying. It makes you sick in theory, and that must not happen. Talking when adults talk to him, he will think more about it. However, it may be that he thinks with your parents that they were "deceived" by you. So I'd say (for the umpteenth time) that as nut talk an expert / a specialist with him.

I hope I could help.

LG Anikee

I can not see how your teacher to help. It is not designed to alleviate your psychological difficulties or even cure. Its task is to assess what services you bring, and what ncht. If you are out for whatever reason, do not reach the target class can, the teacher you can not evaluate well. Speak with your therapist, what options you have to get your depression more quickly and effectively in the handle. From the school you can only partially understand and expect help.

Your teachers are not your therapist, they are hired and have the mission to impart knowledge and to check learning progress. Whatever else you want from teachers, you will not get it.

If you get a question next time, they answer simply: 1. with knowledge .... 2 with the possibility ... I do not know ... 3. do not talk about your disease as the cause of your ignorance.

get if you try, "understanding" for your illness, what do you expect from the teachers? That no longer have to learn? that you'll spared?

In your life there are healthy and expandable play. Plan your daily routine and keep a natural timing. Do not let you misled by your thoughts for lounging. Up in the morning, set and meet daily a brisk half-hour walk in any weather !, concrete learning times and destinations, to sleep at night. It's your job to get your life under control and to feel personally responsible.

Mach with your therapist learn a plan on how you divide your tasks and fears. Otherwise you whine in a few years on, that everything possible guilt is that you have no knowledge. Everything whining and all explanations are wasted energy. Of this is nothing in your life better, just the people around you feel annoyed.

requires personal learning. Even if you're sick, take responsibility for your own life is yours! If you want to feel better, you'll even have to work on you, that nobody can lose weight. Eight on your goals, you will achieve it, both positive and negative!

So either you go to a clinic and will stable. Or you use your illness as an excuse to continue. I am now 20 and have for 6 years (12-18) made therapy. I still do not "cured". This week I decided the thing to tackle. I do not use all your life as an excuse my illness. I'm not sick, but just different. I can do anything. I just want to. I am now again an outpatient therapy, because I want to change something. At your age I was exactly like you. And I got all messed up. Be smarter than I am, and what änder. NOW! And if the teacher you unpleasant things Requested front of the class, you do not have to answer. Say that your parents and to contact the evil teacher in conjunction. end of the story

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