Technical problems with Seat Ibiza / radio and current problems how do I fix this?

Good day dear community,

And I zwa now for a few months a Seat ibiza built in 2008, where already the first Probleme.Hab some days so is relatively rare that I can not complete my car radio and my radio not to the rest goes on, besides I bought a new radio and there I have no radio reception, even with an amplifier what could be all this?

Thanks in advance!

The best answer

The radio remote control has nothing to do with the radio.

The fact that the radio did not let on, was apparently due to a defect Of the same, because after the installation of another radio that's solved.

How did you connect your amplifier, and where he has been looped? Presumably you mean a Separate?

VAG vehicles have an amplifier in the antenna. The power he gets over the antenna cable, which is why a phantom power adapter is required for foreign radios. Are you using this?

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