Telekom Entertain Sat, LNB and DSL?

Do I need to order via the Entertain Sat watching TV LNB AND a DSL connection? So whether you need both simultaneously. Thank you in advance

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To use Entertain via satellite, a DSL connection is required of us. Also a satellite dish is required. A Media Receiver 500 Sat and a router is in addition also still needed.

I told you here http: ... // brought sometimes bundled all information.

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For entertainers Sat You only need a Satschüssel, and no DSL Anschluss.Wie it the name suggests, as an entertainer is received via a Satschüssel.

Hello than if you use Entertain Sat will you need for a einenen Entertain Sat tariff and secondly a router and the media receiver 500 Sat.

This required for television reception at least one connection to the LNB with two connection you can also leave yet undergone Ander Shot paralel then to consider Fehr.

Then the Media Receiver requires a connection to the Internet, since he hollt the permissions on the Internet and also the data for the EPG. And the shots the man are programmed gespeicher also on the servers but not recording.

And then if he can also use the media centers and video stores are also used to connect to the Internet.

The best recommendation is to connect routers and media receiver directly via a LAN cable.

Entertain via satellite is a joke! This needs no! Why should I at Telekom money paid for television if it is otherwise free to air? Buy yourself a DSL connection, because of me assemble a bowl with Telekom, and let you. The costs otherwise no charge!

Entertain runs via the Internet (IPTV), ie DSL. Presumably min. 16k with us (A1 Austria) IPTV is also available from 8k

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