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my grandfather and I living in a house. Both have a connection at the Telekom. I have an IP connection, my grandfather a analogues. He must also change soon and so far only 17 € / month is charged and a change definitely costs a lot more, he should get a phone number from me or port their old number. This should also go According to T hotline.

Here is a diagram. Apartment 1 is my and Apartment 2, my grandfather.

The other day was a technician for a problem with us to the telephone socket. I asked him if he knows of a way how to connect the phone from the apartment 2 on my router in apartment 1 cost. He said that the vorahndene cable can be used for it. Because the cable from the port goes Duch the hole where our TAE is installed. It's that easy and it is actually logical. But how to do that exactly, I have not wisely asked.

Now my question: Do I need special TAE, or is the normal Telekom? And as it would be to wire exactly? The cable from apartment 2 I would connect to the telephone in apartment 1 and go from there with a normal phone cable to a free socket on the router. Because we want to save our money for the technician (because it's really not a lot of work), I'm doing it myself. LSA + tool is there.

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If you abgreifst an analog connection to your router and connect to the telephone socket your grandfather herstellst, Your grandfather can make calls on your phone line. Officially sees the Telekom does not like that is supplied from an apartment to another.

The problem with IP connections is that each phone must be connected to the router. That means you would have the second TAE connect directly to the back of the router. Although this is theoretically possible, but does not work in practice. It could be that the way to second TAE is too long and there ultimately no more ringing arrives (phone rings no longer on incoming call). One option could be to use a DECT phone and then just this wirelessly to log on the router (if it is just not too far away).

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