Telephone conversation with a dog breeder! How to behave / talk / etc.?

Hey guys, I've got such a small problem. I'm actually a really shy girl, I have no self-confidence and go strangers as much as possible out of the way. My mum and I think that I need something where I can show that I can take responsibility and will also more confident. To all who wonder if we have thought about well, I say in front away: "Yes." We have a house with a large garden and live in the village and then also on the outskirts of the village. Our neighbors we have always to the side, the dog would go well in any case. Currently, we have a cat that needs to get used to the dog, but in addition I've also been Council sought how to approach this best.

Now back to my original question. I'm just really mad and shy but should itself call for the breeder. I think the whole day about it, but I just do not know what to say, how to report me best. I know not whether they still have the puppy and and and .. I would be very glad if anyone could help me.

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Tthe most growers have a website - google after the breeder name. Under Planned litter or litter message is when or if they are expected to have a litter. In case you can then call and say immediately that you are interested in the litter or the litter planned.

If you can not figure out the, call and simply ask if they have a litter or when they plan to.

Simply log in with name and say that you are interested in the breed XY and therefore ask want when or if they will have a litter.

If you will have a litter in the foreseeable future or just have one, then you can ask for:

  • when puppies are born, how old they are and whether there are still any free - whether female or male
  • when is delivered (with the 8th, 10th or 12th week of life

Embark clever on the Internet about the breed - look what health had to be investigating and ask specifically for such example, which HD results have the parents. Honestly, if someone asks so specifically - makes the impression.

Ask about how they grow (in the family, kennel, dog rooms) how many dogs otherwise still live there and get to know them as a puppy,

Question a lot, so you recognize the differences between the breeders.

Question then when to the visit. In a planned litter or a litter in which the puppies until 1-2 weeks of age - have you ask, at what week of life may stattfnden a visit. Some do it more than 4 weeks, some later. That is different.

A good breeder will also provide you questions. Eg how old, how is the housing situation? Since your in rent? If so, the landlord agrees? Have you dog experience? Why this breed etc. Be prepared.

I wish you success

Entgegensetzlich some opinion before me: I like the idea. However, the dog lives 10-15 years and should not be deported if you are no longer so shy. The dog stays, but if the dog was talking anyway, then your shyness is certainly a reason to buy. I have often experienced how a dog can change jmd. My sister and my neighbor were very shy, since we all have a dog a lot has happened! It can help you, but that should not be the only reason. And it can, it does not have.

What should it be for a dog? Just call on, sign in with your first and last name and then say you do you care for his puppies and whether as yet which are up for grabs. If he says yes, then yes you can first ask how old the puppies are and how many are already taught. He'll certainly ask how old you are, etc. Then you say, you should call but your parents are there, if he wants to speak with them, and say that this is already clarified with the dog and you wanted to know only first whether because still there are any. Then you can ask if you could stop by times since, so that you can see you, the dogs and the breeder so times. I do not think that he would say no. Sage then also that you want to see at least the mother dog (mass breeding prevention) Then you let give and briefly talk to breeders possibly your parents make an appointment so that he knows that he does not Vera * is deleted. And then should have done first: D

I think that's a great idea, as long as the whole family goes along, you have enough time, money, patience and joy of dog you as such. a piece far a dog is always slow for purpose, or do you know someone who gets a dog, just so a dog is offered a home. all say but how well they do the company, or that they again increasingly come out thanks dog. and in fact, if you regard it well, can be confident of the dog to help you very much. you know, I work daily with children and my therapy dog ​​together. my task is precisely to help the children by means of dog to more self awareness. among other things, we also go to other topics. you do not believe how much some have children changed just because they once worked the week dog active with. had just enforce child effortless with it, get there really help. dshalb I would advise you, if ye anschafft a dog, necessarily to go with it in the dog school. there are some places child & dog-training. or depending on the dog, it occupies the first two years of puppies for example, - junghund- and education courses and then agility for example, or something else representing you. Still, I find it really a good idea of ​​you because you invested while a pile of money and time, but you can you otherwise which therapists save. now I do not know if it with you and people like me who work with people and dogs in this way, at my school I have this job himself drawn to me. let the best your parents call, now not because of your shyness, but when child you will not probably taken by telephone from a breeder equally seriously. yes you can go along when you go visit the puppies.

You call, introduce yourself and ask if any of the puppy would have to buy. When he says that there are any say have him you are interested and if you might drop by can so you can see the puppies and they get to know you well. Power an appointment, you grateful and then hang up. I enjoyed my dog ​​to be helped more confident because I am often approached by other dog owners or people who find my dog ​​sweet or so. This I have overcome my shyness :) But watch but rather times at the shelter after the dogs there are just as loving and need urgent a loving home.

Choose the number and if someone is off, you bring a deep breath and say who you are and ask if they are still looking for puppies.

It is best if you call there, if not just your mother is behind you. Then maybe you have more courage and not so much pressure.

You can do it for sure!

You call him, call your name and concerns, namely that you are interested in purchasing a puppy. Then you ask him directly for a personal meeting site. For never buys you a dog, if you do not know where it come from, who his parents (which can also look) etc .. And that's about it.

Optionally, you can still ask how his price expectations since are like that.

If the dog is there and you're going walkies you'll encounter many strangers people, mostly with dog and then to get stock into conversation with him. Do you believe that a dog because the right one for you is ??!

You call, introduce yourself and say that you and your mother to a dog interested since. Then you ask if there are puppies.

You just call and say you and your family would like to have a puppy if he currently has puppies or planned litters present.

The breeder will ask you probably wonder uch or invite you to look at the dogs come over to you.

Well house is the least important in considering whether dog yes or no: X Works your mother? If so you can take no puppies, the can not leave you alone you.

I just do not know what to say, how to report me best

call and ask only times whether the puppies are still available. then you inquire about age, sex, color ... However, many breeders behave reserved if children / teenagers ask and take such requests seriously. Surrender in this case, the call to your mother, so that the breeder knows that this is not a fun call.

Everything else should discuss your mother with the breeder. Makes a sincere impression at the breeder.

If you want to seriously come across the breeder, then you should call your parents to leave. You're only 15 .. when there like a shy teenager, the breeder may occur veräppelt and doubting your serious intentions ....

A dog does not help you in shyness. He should not be a means to an end.

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