tell neighbors that we get einne dog, HOW?


We get a dog (Norwich Terrier). Now we want our neighbors to say that we get a dog, how are we to tell them that?

The problem, our neighbor 817 1/2) is afraid of dogs, and he will soon leave home. May our neighbors us the attitude forbidden our gardens are not connected.

Lg. Lena

The best answer

May our neighbors us the attitude banned

the neighbors do not, but the owner may prohibit dog ownership. If dog ownership is allowed and the dog does not unpleasantly noticeable and he does not bother the neighbors, you can not ban the holding.

The neighbor can not prohibit with security. If the landlord has given his ok and the dog does not bother by incessant barking peace in the house, the neighbors can not do anything in retrospect.

why should you tell it to neighbors at all, so who really nothing to do.

The owner should know, not that it then after the acquisition but says no. Only he can forbid you the attitude in its walls or you lie down to that effect.

The neighbor does not, but evlt the landlord.

I would not say anything and then go times with the little guys on the road when he is outside.

Hello I myself have 4 dogs, I would do it just here and not ask

Hello Lena, you are preparing now for so long and intense the collection of your dog with you ...

Now tell only, you have to "forget" your landlord asking for a dog holding permission?

If you live in a condominium, then you have something about dog ownership in your owner agreements are ...

If you live in your own home, then you have the neighbors to make any provisions if you think a dog or not.

If it is not in the lease you can a dog in your Whng. bring;)

Just say nothing at all, the note then already if you have a dog.

"How are we to tell them that?"

just go and put facts on the table ...

no, they are not allowed. Your dog may the neighbors as well not bother.

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