Temporal care of a dog

Hello following problem:

My mother's leg has broken and needs to be operated on and stay for a while in the hospital. As my sister and I both farther Live and the dogs can not record from mietgründen we are looking now for an alternative.

Animal welfare can not absorb limited the two dogs, unfortunately.

Anyone have an idea?

Other related there is not even any friends that could take the dog.

The best answer

Kennel? Or take leave and the dogs even in the home of your mother care until they return from the hospital comes out.

If it is under 4 weeks, the landlord can not say anything because that counts as a visit animal. It's not your own dog.

Otherwise kennel or shelter diverse abklappern. Ours takes limited to animals.

For such cases, you can take a kennel in claim!

You can with the veterinarian of the dogs cared ask ... Sometimes veterinarians have one or the other "address" in the hindquarters where the two dogs can be cared for on a transitional basis ...

Also you can possibly care services (for people) to assist the spot; because so rare it does not come before that a dog owner fails times because of sudden illness, cure, etc. Perhaps because there's a good address ...

All the best

Ad in the newspapers - of course this benefit must be paid.

HERE it is possible to give the animals to care for the shelter - also for reimbursement of expenses.


Time demand in the neighborhood?

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