Temporarily out with 16 and dog?

Hallihallo..also I am now almost 16 1/2 years old and at the moment constantly Klinsch with my father. We are both of the opinion that it would be best if I move out temporarily at least ... (perhaps as 2-3 months) so that the position I entspannt..als time my mother had lived (what now but no more go), my father and I got along great, but since I live with him began so after a year the quarrels and currently we fight every day and both suffer much from it. Unfortunately there is a problem on my idea auszuziehen..ich have a 7 month old Chihuahua and takes him away, because my father can not take care of him and give him is not there ..

White one of you, if there is a way where I could drag 16 and parental consent for a few months (with dog!)?

Have not really found on the Internet what to and would like to have as soon as possible any answer because it is slow excruciating.

In advance ever thank you for hopefully useful answers! :)

The best answer

So you're still a student? because without own income or money the parents is the Difficult because ne other ways besides a own apartment is not there

If you have money, anything is possible. However, it is really hard to find a landlord who takes you for 2-3 months under bear with.

I would sometimes try with VERY good friends. Unlike you will not get away there.

you could pull intoa WG .. for a few months loht not give rent it as you also has the rent already expensive for a 16 jhriger.

Turn thee to the youth welfare office, sometimes there's a possibility of a residential community, but whether it works with dogs, I doubt.

Do you have grandparents? This could be one possibility, uncles, aunts, nice neighbors?

Because you both have to probably the Popo squint and do anything that relaxes the situation. A "reception center" for 2 - 3 months for young people who do not get along with their parents (or vice versa) does not exist. Learn to you behave like adults and masters the everyday - others create it too! Life was not meant to but you have to work on your cohabitation. All the best.

Let the poor dog at home or in a facility where you can take care permanently about him. How are you going to constantly be there for him? Are not you going to school or work? A dog should be alone on the day more than 4h. He is a pack animal. Just because you have problems, it should not suffer.


Relationship that could take you in?

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