Tenancy earlier, or immediately terminable, if one is not informed about construction?

Beloved, we live in the middle of downtown. At virtually every nook and cranny is built. Noise churning. Now we would like to draw somewhere into the countryside to escape all these things. Anyway, is now even across from our home / apt a huge building site arise. Furthermore, we have not been informed by the proprietor. On top of the city wants to build an oversized fountain directly in front of the Forderfront our bedroom. Thus, the dear little also what to play, and tourism is boosted. Even it we have not been informed by the proprietor, but have experienced it at random from a national newspaper. Long story short. We live in this apartment now so about 8-9 years. So have some let observed. If the override, if the above Construction to start first, and the owner also weitehin not about personal places us in knowledge?

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The owner does not need you to inform you when and what will be built with you in the neighborhood. There are newspapers that figurehead of the city and other sources of information.

If you now think that it is no longer bearable after 8-9 years, you have three months' notice.

Caution: You may reduce the rent and announces the same time nor the apartment. But the owner does not have your deposit. He will most likely once you deduct the rent reduction from the deposit. You can then possibly years fighting in court over whether the rent reduction was justified. Until the first appraiser arrives at the place, the site is no more, and front of the house is a beautiful fountain of the whole neighborhood appreciates. You can try it, but that will probably not.

We live in this apartment now so about 8-9 years. So have some let observed.

No, as a tenant you can always terminate with three-month period, unless you have a different lease, about a Zeitmietvertrg or signed a with termination waiver.

For construction activities of third parties, the landlord can now nothing and must point yet to announce a measure Start the neighbors somehow neither when rented on quite expectable construction activities in the area.

At least three months you have to bear it or pay at least what you have rented their just - in actual disturbance from construction noise, dust etc. you is most appropriate rent reduction to: -O

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A chance you'd only when your landlord carries out of the blue even construction. Countermeasures on neighboring land he is powerless.

I think not, because you live in the city because you have to expect that it is not so quiet. And the landlord needs you do not check the construction work, which he did not issue, perhaps he himself knew nothing about it. You can unsubscribe as it is specified in the contract at any time. If there is no agreement has been reached, the Civil Code applies.

If the override, if the above construction start first

No construction work which were not caused by the landlord also can not be held against him.

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