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Hello! Preliminary a few small details to my question: We live on a very large area with 3 houses and 9 parties. Between the houses a small path leads to the a large hall and the carports leads. So You drive onto the grounds and has left and right, the homes and at the end of the road is a large hall and the carports with the shed behind. Each tenant has a carport and behind a small shed. Now one of the apartments is the headquarters of a painting company and accordingly often drive company cars, various representatives, suppliers with trucks, other companies with company cars and mostly on the weekends the owner with excavators and tractors through because the landlord behind the hall a kind of biotope operates , Accordingly, sometimes vehicles or park in front of the hall in the middle of the intermediate route and block this. Now and then an acquaintance of our neighbor stood to block behind her vehicle on the ground in front of the hall but without this. Now the owner has signs mounted on where parking will be punished before the hall with Towing at its own expense and a sign Private attached to the main road so at the beginning of the Little Way. Against the Parking prohibited sign can not get one that I can think of, but it can hardly be lawful to declare a small way as a private road on which a commercial enterprise is a resident or? Who can I there like shit on? Whereby in the lease is not reported on the grounds of commercial ...

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Private means but only in contrast to a public road that it is owned by a private landowner and that there are in this no INFORMATION GENERAL transit rights, but only those vehicles and pedestrians that have lost it, who have something to do with the house or warehouse. The fact that in the hall is a commercial enterprise, is far from being a public footpath from the private road.

The rules, as this path is used and by whom and where who hold, park, drive, etc. may, determined solely by the owner.

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