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So the following has happened: I have received the settlement in my "Midi job" (20 hrs / week) and they do not correspond to what I previously (unfortunately only verbally) was assured. Accordingly, I feel ripped off, and I was not even for the time I was active in the work, paid (is complicated to explain, I have anyway, I believe no way that still demand). Anyway, I'm going to immediately terminate (2 weeks time), but the question is: Do I have ever go to? In my contract is not a minimum number of hours, only "may not exceed 20 hours per week". How is that then, what happens when I go nciht, and if I have to go, how many hours I MUST week work when none has been specified in the contract?

Thanks in advance, buffer

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Well, the problem is that I have left me with respect to the verbal promise of remuneration (I know, silly me). I was told that I get paid a flat rate for up to 4 hours a night (it's in the job about to accompany night delivery of newspapers and write down the times). I was every night at 3 am there often was the tour but it was only half an hour later going on, because the delivery person nor the newspapers had to pack etc. Ultimately, I was now only for the actual delivery time (ca. 2,5 - 3 hours) paid, although I always 3.5 - was 4.5 hours in total there. The contract that is not described as the smallest detail, it was like gesgat only predicted to me that I get paid for ever 4 hours regardless of whether it is time longer or shorter times. Therefore, I have no legal basis to sue the reward, but I would maybe not continue to go the next 2 weeks.

So if there is no evidence, that is a confirmed transfer of the company ... so also its contractual obligation not comply right to compensation, why would you even still continue to work when there are disagreements?

I doubt also at the minor employment relationship by an employer, a labor process is targeted. The cost would exceed the income.

Of course it may be that they are trying to push work yourself. But what position you as yet, if you really had not paid you correctly?

Can then no compensation demand?

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