terminate the gym? But how? Money back?

I logged in a gym. With a Contract term of 3 years. Have the first year already behind me. And payments for 36 months I have been paid in advance all.

Now I can cancel my contract with a medical certificate? So that I still get money back?

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Hi, the notice with certificate is only when sport Incapable are. Otherwise there is the discretion of the studio. Otherwise there is only one rest period for the downtime. Just talk to the studio. Maybe you also someone who can take over your contract. It always depends on the reason and how to communicate the way to the studio. Both sides do not want a legal battle.

If normal all in terms of the contract, otherwise just ask in the studio :)

If you paid in advance, it may well be possible that you get your money back.

You because of a medical attest your contract early end can be properly .. So I know the least about. Work even in a gym. And there was never a problem :)

Maybe, try it just

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