Termination control Class 6, but long-term contract AVR

Hello, I am 52 years and work at the "Caritas" since Aug / September 2001 (probation 6 months to March 2002). At that time than low (€ 400.00). A new line / management the current location was on a new labor contract to 01.01.2014 now with the income tax bracket 6 (slide zone). Now I have an offer for a new job elsewhere and would like to cancel my current job of LStKlasse. 6 I am uncertain me about meeting the deadlines. Do I have to comply with six months' notice, because I'm busy in the operations for more than 12 years, or one my new contract with a shortened time limit? In New Treaty by 01.01.2014 is that the age, time and probation climbs into account. (.... "Incidentally, the agreement of 30.08.2001 remains unchanged ...") For me, this reads as, as if I would probably make a termination agreement to come out prematurely from service? Is that so? Thank you in advance Rena

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If you already have a new job, you can not hurt a termination agreement yet. AlG 1 not you get anyway from that employment.

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