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How can a 5 balance in a major? Go to the school in Baden Wüttemberg

The best answer

You can get a 5 in a main compartment with a 3 and of course with 2 or 1 offset in the other majors, but for a 5 to stay not sit still. How does it look in the other subjects? lg Gerda

Then repeat just really or change school anyway. Because if you did not understand the material, brings nix's influencing the now

Drop here

http: //www.landesrecht-bw.de/jportal/ source = & query = JLINK RealSchulVersV + BW +% ...?

and read this part:

(2) The conditions of paragraph 1 are, if in testimony

1. the average of the scores of all the relevant subjects for the displacement 4.0 or better and
2. the average of the grades of core subjects 4.0 or better and
3.the performance in any core subject with the grade "are insufficient" and rated
4.the benefits in not more than one governing the transfer compartment is less than sufficient, "a grade"; this is true in more than three subjects, so the student needs to be forced, if for each of these three subjects a meaningful compensation is given. can be balanced
a) the grade "unsatisfactory", in a tray that is not a core subject, by the grade "very good" in another relevant subject or the grade "good" relevant in two other subjects
b) the grade "deficient" in a core subject by a minimum grade of "good" in another core subject,
c) the grade "deficient" in a tray that is not a core subject, by a minimum grade of "good" authoritative in another subject or the grade "satisfactory" relevant in two other subjects

So with a 5 you'll offset. A second 5, then you'd have with a 2 equalizer.

A 1, at least for us. But what did a 5 you get? Impossible for me.

You have to learn a lot and write good works, otherwise will not do

In Baden-Württemberg with a 3 in another major.

to make experimental lectures for good grades. And learn! No pain, no price.

Write learning and the recent work of the year and you better report more.

Ne 1 in a working class

Write learning and better grades

PC Learn learn and learn!

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