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Hello. I signed up on one side looking the animal or dog caregivers. I sometimes take care of a puppy from buddy. So what should I write as "Application text"? can call you not, because it has no phone number. Did someone experience? thank you

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After the questions you've already asked, I would forbid you my preliminary injunction to approach you my dog ​​at 200 meters. First you want your colleagues to blacken, then you want a fake letter authorities then even poison or anpfählen the dog as another user has said so nice (like time work from stoned driving and only 80% apart.). You can be happy that I will not find out your name, otherwise you would have already so few reports of official arrogance in the mailbox. Because I'm not the only user who has complained about you.

I sometimes take care of a puppy from buddy.

alas, has Your buddy finally get a dog? And now you are supporting the dude even instead to rail against him. Hopefully we do not read here soon, that your buddy behind Thee is because the dog was poisoned .......

What experience have you done with animals, where do you live / under what conditions ..

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