That alone is successful in the market sale of innovative know-how for years

Hello dear counselor and helping,

I along with my father years ago developed a product that I sell is the only manufacturer worldwide. This product is used in shoes makers in the shoe industry. I could continue to expand, but are bound by me financially successful personal bankruptcy lived for several years to the hands. Even an investor finding was unsatisfactory, as I by the amount of work simply lack the time to present myself accordingly.

Now to the point: I see for me in the years to no chance of this product according to market and make more successful worldwide. Customers and contacts are available. But I lack personal reasons simply the power to make truly sustainable manner. That's why I carry myself with the serious idea to sell this know-how. I have, by design, not a patent pending on it, because otherwise I should explain produktspeziefische Kompontenzusammensetzungen that would make it quickly copied. Now my specific question: What do I do to find a buyer, how should a treaty be made and by whom?

For your helpful replies I really appreciated!

Greetings tollgi

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Hello tollgi,

Knowhow for sale is a very difficult process, because in the past week, the knowledge must be already disclosed and has therefore sufficient safeguard against theft. In addition, the vast majority of people have a totally wrong idea of ​​what is Knowhow.

From the question, I can not see what this is for a product, without precise knowledge is not possible for me a further response. Since the armed with the know-how product is sold, should a detailed statement (what is offered / sold security data ...) be possible here.



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