the Alienware Area 51 with triple sli GTX 770?

There are indeed now the new design of the Alienware Area 51, if you would look at the PC with the 3 GTX 770 SLI buy, the PC would be sufficient for Arma 3 at maximum settings? Or there is an equally good PC for the smaller price?

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would the PC sufficient for Arma 3 at maximum settings?

With 3 GTX 770 definitely vorrausgesetzt ... all cards are supported.

Or there is an equally good PC for the smaller price?

In any case, if you get putting together the PC itself, you get much cheaper it. Only then you have just no Alienware: P

No matter what brand, Ready PCs are always overpriced - because the traders want to assemble these indeed earn some.

Greetings - bormolino | Team PC Help

How expensive is it? And yes, because Alienware Fertigpc there loose what faster cheaper

... Would be the PC sufficient for Arma 3?

... So if not, what then?

... There was an equally good PC for the smaller price?

Why, surely.

If you renounce the totally unnecessary bells and housing Schack.

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