the best schampoo! :) And pflegeöl for hair

hi so I'm a girl, I tend to splissigen and very trockernen hair, I'm looking for the perfect schampoo under 6 euros (also gladly accept other suggestions to ,, which are slightly more expensive) Wenns also goes a pflegeöl, or spray, in any case it should make my hair supple

The best answer

Herbal Essences :-) Also have super dry hair and that is very good :) use rinse and shampoo :-) cost ca € 2

As oil I Frutis Ganier miracle oil :-) costs around 4 € I think.

If you eg a flat iron or curling iron using I make you a Schwarzkopf the 'guardian angel' 'very warmly recommend :)

Before I had the Herbal Essences, I used shampoo John Frieda :-) I find personally very good! Are there Dougal for just under 10 €

It may sound odd but my brother swears long on Baby Shampoo ... I was curious and wanted to try it ... and loved it !! It is very gentle to the scalp and dries hair less than normal shampoo. shine my hair and are wonderfully fluffy (I use the Baby Love branded dm).

Otherwise, I also like the Caffeine Shampoo of Alverde quite like.

I have of Balea a set of shampoo, conditioner and oil. This is really great and not expensive at all. Still to it smells great and leaves hair shine. This oil is also available from Loreal, however, is not as good and almost twice as expensive

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