The combi-wave'd like to make NEN Pizza toast ......

or because I have already something spontaneously prepared: salami, ham, some tomato, bell pepper, black olives, sour cream, spices and mozzarella

In instruction book my grill and hot air shaft only finds the "Toast Hawaii" mention

Bread is vorgetoastet .... and then, time technically?

Wave, hot air or grill? Or combined? 4 pieces fit on the grill

What useful housewife has experience?

Hunger !!!! ^

The best answer

You're probably in the meantime already starving - or have got it ;-)

I would be guided by the setting for Hawaii Toast - Toast is finally toast and here it is actually only drum that the cheese melts and is all warm .. If indeed nothing in it, which necessarily have to be "through", such as with meat or fish.

Is safe even with each grill / oven / ... different.

Enojy your meal!

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