The dog has to go. What's this?

Hello I see desöfteren pages take stuff items like: dogs out. Stops Überhundung in Europe, etc. Can an exactly tell me? What's with this dog design on it? I mean, since you can probably not real dogs think that are kept as pets, right?

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In these groups, that is what the Ůberhundung the West noted. Not at all, it involves animal hater (Giftkøder and so). The followers of these sides want the dogs only violent in their Herkunftslænder (Waustralien, Hunduras, Bello Horizonte etc.) deport. Since many dogs are lazy here in Germany in addition to the social and Fressnapf us simultaneously steal the Arbeitsplåtze ('ll ask all the now unemployed Drogenspůrmenschen and avalanche rescue people who have been replaced by a dog) I can understand the views of this site.

read times here ;-) The whole is satire ....

http: // ...

Often the dogs are meant to be grown above all in southern European countries, in order then to offer over the Internet as ownerless and death consecrated animals. Unfortunately, there are far too many German idiots falling on something in and import such an animal.

However, where it is likely due to the nerves that may hinkoten where want.

But that is one of the dog haters websites as etc.

Such sites are almost always hosted in Hong Kong, as well as killing tips are published as example. lay poisoned baits in cities. It's really a bad breeding and the members are partly the same as in Antivegan.

Such partly really disgusting dog haters pages have been around for many years ...

... Partly also "accompanied" with disgusting photos ...

Normal people dressed something not pure - because of nausea might occur ...

Who needs it anyway?

My dogs live with me as a family, we are satisfied with our lives ... because I need not make the any crazy idiots seek such sites ...

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