the ex happy birthday wish for?

We are separated for 5 weeks. it has finished the relationship. due to its impossible behavior I would have probably done it a few weeks later. after we have the first 2 weeks warred after separate, have understood again and could meet normal us ultimately, as we have our things, money to play, we were able to hold a decent conversation. earlier, when we had a couple met times, to once again talk about everything he has done proximities. I do not know if I want to have him back. hold now since 2 weeks contactless lock. now greater is but in a week his birthday and I would like to write to him, so that he knows that I've still think of him. I would wish the same from him. to put it is useful as a rudeness to the day?

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You make a contact ban due to its renewed overtures and congratulate the then "Happy Birthday!" That should sound even obliquely for you.

To show him just saying that you still interested even for him. If you were now gone normal apart and you wont have a friendly relationship, nothing would of course prevent it. But under these circumstances?

If you want to come back really in touch with him want you him a happy birthday so happy. Since there is nothing.

Well what is so bad when you ex congratulate your. As if it is as dramatic Instead of making :) about it thought, he simply wish you all good. I mean a lot can not lose you this right?

So I do not quite know what to suggest otherwise. You can write him yet, but a nice touch =) is You should just be clear what you want, of course. But my opinion, a birthday greeting to the ex is really nothing dramatic ..


You can take no offense when you congratulate him for his birthday.

Use the terrible it to come this week.

This raises the question. Do it from kindness to show it to you do not do not care

Is that your ex or not? Then let it. Over is over. There is not just one man in the world.

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