The Lord of the Rings Online - How to mounted combat?

Hello community,

I play most recently The Lord of the Rings Online, and am now lvl 20, have already some legendary things, a permanent rider animal and looks generally eig by. BUT, I've noticed that you can fight on horseback ago. And my question is: how does it work? Do I have to learn i a capability? (If so, how?) Or do I have to reach a certain Lvl? Or can the only certain race / class? (I am a dwarf / armorer)

Would be very grateful for answers! LG Jabba

The best answer

How have you with lvl 20 legendary stuff?

Legendary weapons can result only from lvl 45 and following insertion Quest in Eregion.

The mounted combat is something else later namely at lvl 75, or 76 if you have made the appropriate Vorquests and you the warhorse was passed.

I personally use the Ross now very rarely, I like it just do not, with riding that has not much to do, has probably something of pastures ....

Only at lvl 75, and with 20 already legendöre things? xD

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