The milk bar my dog ​​is a bit swollen

Hey, the milk bar my Havanese dog is a little swollen, but still soft. She is 9 (almost 10) months old and was the last couple of weeks for the first time in heat. It was not covered (thankfully!). If a dog ran after her and not go away I have always taken for a ride, but luckily nothing more happened sniff except. Can this be a false pregnancy or something. Because Wearing it can not be because it was not covered. Or one probably something else or is that normal? Thank you for your answers :)

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Can this be a false pregnancy

Yes, of course, and it can also come to get milk and then mothered her toys. This you should then take her and the dog with play and walk much distracted, so that the milk production is not encouraged.

Could be a false pregnancy, but at such a young animal, I would definitely go to the TA. Even today, as the WE is yes to!

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