The Operative: No One Lives Forever - Multiplayer?

Hello. I got me on the game "The Operative: No One Lives Forever" ordered because I lost my old No One Lives Forever game and today the game has arrived with me. Immediately I unpacked it and installed on my computer. Although the game runs super high graphics setting but I seriously wonder where all the multiplayer servers are down. I click "Refresh server list" and there come no multiplayer server. The game I played last 6 years ago and there were numerous multiplayer server. Now I would just please want to know whether there is a new patch download for which then show up the multiplayer server or perhaps why there is no multiplayer server more? Perhaps that is why since the Siel is already very old or what is this nonsense? So far as I know I have the Advanced Game of the Year Edition of the game.

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It is too old, now no longer plays

Date: 2018-07-17 Views: 0

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