The PC beeps and does not start up, why is that?

Hello, I currently have a problem with my PC. Whenever I want to boot it sounds briefly and then nothing happens. From time to time it is, but then he falls for another 5 minutes again. In addition I had when he was still, often crashes / blue screens etc. But now goes just nothing. I suspect it is the fan, but have really no idea of ​​the inner workings of a PC. I can unfortunately no technical data call (zBwelches Bios) .Hab gifted the PC, he also previously Modified. Become cool if someone could help me. Thank you in advance! MfG Minefaes

PS: Den of've given me the PC I can not ask for advice, and none of my friends has great idea about PCs. Would a new, perhaps the cheapest and easiest way?

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Do you have a Windows CD? Although I believe that the defect is hardware based, but newly set up never hurts. Could you maybe PC open times and post a picture here?

But the BIOS he drives normally this is important! the sample you press during startup the F2 key until the Bios zeigt.Das is OK? close BIOS. Then you should install the operating system (blank) ?! All you need an operating system from Windows 7 or 8.1) .Or a free Ubunti version.

The "beep code" can quite a bit betrayed circumstances, look at you talk to ...

How many times Beeps What? Desktop PC or "shovel", - um laptop?

If you have zero clue zero comma nix of, let someone ran best who knows where it :-) or let time next PC shop to see what is wrong with the "box". Maybe worth a repair is no longer (for Asbach) or it is merely an empty CMOS battery for 5, - €, which is changed in 5 minutes.

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