The pill prescription thereafter?

The morning after pill is coming soon or is already counter. My question would be whether you can buy them as a man (16) simply because in the end it's a prescription and you need also no consultation. Would appreciate an answer, thanks :)

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You mean when the "morning after" pill prescription is first, can you save the condoms?

But that is a question of price, and you have to find a woman who goes along with this ...

No, woman, the morning after pill only buy myself and then only after careful deliberation by the pharmacist. For this, he asks the woman in a separate meeting room.

The fact that the morning after pill is not a contraceptive and should not be as einschmeißen Smarties pills, makes it perhaps more sense if the girl brings, it sounds interview and sometimes goes to the doctor.

But you do not get the pill anyway, because you're not a "woman of childbearing age."

Do better idea about contraception in advance so that you may then not need the pill

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