The right dog name?

Hey :)

I create my soon a dog, only the name is not quite sure ..

Do you know beautiful, modern dog names that sound also nice for the dog? I have already gone through a few name the head, such as * pixels, Whiskey, Cap & Deus. * Which of the enumerated names keep their best?

Looking forward to all answers! :)

The best answer

First: Familienmitgleider not just at (to be as grammatically also the wrong word, I would say). Family members adopted one.

Second: Is it important that you have enough time for the animal and feed him properly, as well as educate. The dog is the name first time shooting. Puppy: Do not allow six months alone. Be the Only then practice. Then allow maximum 4 hours alone.

So and now to your problem: Whiskey reminds me of Whiskas, I associate with cats. Rather not. What it is kind of a dog? For a large I would have said Deus, brilliant name. In a little more pixels.

My dog ​​called Jack (Jacky) :) I think the name is very nice ^ - ^ I would find beautiful of your proposals Whiskey: D

There are so many cute dog names, you'll certainly find it. But names are known to smoke and mirrors. At the end of a lot to me wisely chosen name is completely cured. The given nickname sees the dog as is.

In the formation of the name (short, simple, two syllables) the "magic word", later signal for the real thing. The dog is the name matter, establish by doing only the owner.

Over the many years of cohabitation my dogs have different names and know that they are meant. Does it matter, I will formally (real name) and they take the matter seriously.

Skip odr skiper

Whysky I find beautiful ... vlt you think nor Mali, Hope, after there are beautiful names LG

google times "dog names", then you'll 1000000000 proposals.

Here z. B.

Generally dogs hear better in one or two-syllable name with a vowel at the end as Nelli, Ronja or Timmi. These names can better understand dogs. :) -Vito -Sito -Sammy -Marly -COCO -Amy -Diva

Maybe Abraxas or Azor ( "z" like "s" to express in "sun" and the "r" rolling because it is actually polish :))

I think cap so totally cute! My name was Djumana, which is also a great name.

Gipsy, hears repeatedly good. LG from SCHUWI

Deus sounds good.

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