The Sims 3 Beastly: dog can guard the house.

Huhu dear community,

I once let a little question the dog guarding the house with respect to the meaning.

Before I put my sleeping Sims, command I my dog ​​to guard the house, immediately at nightfall darkness already came a thief sneaked into the garden and my dog ​​... of doing anything. Although he barked at the thief as this close enough to the house but was brought pretty much 0, he was briefly startled and then cozy yet further into the house pure. My Sims were also awake, saw the thief as he took a shower and then disappeared again.

I was hoping with a dog (with the characteristic scattering) could protect my house without alarm. Hence my question what should actually bring the feature?

Thank you in advance and LG.

The best answer

The dog brings it only if he is brave (I think)

Or your Sims will be monitored and when the brave is he attacks the thief. More does not bring.

Buy yourself an alarm! That the dog is not working.

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