The stomach of my dog ​​will not stop grumbling, why? What to do?

Hi, have a small double. Bulldog, for a few hours his stomach grumbles very much .. His fur looks slightly sweaty. What can you do about it? A tea possibly cooking instead of water?

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As a French Bulldog always are any noises, drops the not on. A miracle that you heard at the constant rattle at all. The tummy rumbling is an indication of an upset stomach. If the dog has diarrhea in addition, you should go to the doctor. Otherwise, the passes again. You could time trial basis the cutter change.

No tea !!!! ..... If not corrected in the course of the day, I would now seek times afternoon the vet.

Perhaps he simply just hungry?

Dogs can not sweat. They regulate their body temperature through panting ....

What to do? Go to the vet and let clarify what's going on.

No, veterinarian from the

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