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Why could the major Western industrial nations in the 19th century actually suppress many countries in Africa and in other poor countries around the world so and exploit? What solution there was for the states concerned?

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There were, with few exceptions (Ethiopia, Egypt, South Africa and a few more) no nation states in Africa. The were only established in the course of colonization.

Loading your times times at youtube the movie about Carl Peters down. be sure to find how going on at that time. Man made with tribal leaders treaties whose scope was the refrain nciht.

Here, the German even (despite all the bad things) done a lot for really developing countries. The language Kisuhaeli UDN a school system was introduced by the German colonialists.

The national states were established by the colonial powers, partly with the ruler. Here people were divided into two countries UDN brought together warring partly in one state.

In Africa, there were at that time actually not states. There was more or less large nations and tribes. Europeans arrived and bought from and what else was so kaufenswertes since the tribal chiefs slaves. They paid with goods that were virtually worthless, but the natives appeared valuable. Such was the ideal case. In less than ideal case, the residents were assaulted, enslaved and sold or forced to work. Only later, when the slave trade was banned, you proceeded to an organized community to provide, with force there laws and administration. The colonial powers have got this power maintained by force of arms.

Nations like the Ashanti in West Africa extend over today 3 countries contributed long resistance, but then had to give up yet.

The "States" had no policy and did not recognize the danger first. Europe was also much more training than africa (weapons & co.)

As? With military force. What could they do? ON their technical state nothing.

It is not the problem of the 19th c. It happened today as well, but by other means, but sometimes also again times with gun in hand, when a gold, uranium or something important producing country must be kept in line.

Imagine you are Africans, have no money, no government, no water. Suddenly someone who has it all and promises you 1% if you plant X and Y for him comes. Question answered.

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