Therapy and Tournament dog?

Can it be with a dog agree to do on a rail therapy (animal assisted therapy) and in Leisure Tournament Sport (Agility, Obdience ...)? Do you have experience? :) Thank you in advance: D

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If you do "quiet, stress-free" sports with him, I would find it OK. At Agi the dog shoot too high, which in my opinion is not so convenient for a therapy dog. Whether it's for "your" dog is generally okay, would have to be closely monitored.

Jop goes, the dog needs to do a balance to his work.

You can also easily reach him bring: Cravat is therapy work and collar's power agility time.

My dog ​​is visiting dog and makes the way all sorts of renen and game. They know when we are in the old home, is not a game hour and behaves super

Yeah, that's no problem. If you asked now had to protection dog sports and therapy, because I had doubts, but so completely OK

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