Therapy dog ​​training

HAllo, I now save just my money together for a Therapihunde education. Now I wanted to ask what must be a therapy dog ​​all can ??? or what we can practice until I have the money together ??

So to my dog ​​(my dog ​​trainers he thought would be suitable): Border Collie 2 year old and balanced. He has a good basic obedience, even in stressful situations or with distraction.

He has contact with children every day and everything can be like ... and not frightened in spontaneous shouting or even a rough died reichel of a child ...

He can do many tricks ..... and is left to deal with new situations, although sometimes a little shy

He is not aggressive and has a distinct spieltrieb ....

I hope I have not forgotten and would like to know what I can train everything already in advance and if you have a therapy dog, by what age did you started ??

LG and thank you :)

The best answer

the most important thing is to your dog in ANY situation is hectic, it must be super social, put up with anything ... the sooner you start with it all the better ... I ask myself only just why you must first save costs come gradually ... or did you end up at a trainer in the gray area? register with the Hospitallers who the rescue-u.therapiehundewesen among themselves ...

http: // ...

Not YOU bring the dog in a therapy dog training - but there are puppies of right professionals assume the appropriate training of the dog after about a year, selected ...

For the first year these puppies are cared for in selected families ... The future instructors the puppies / young dogs see very often, and slowly begins training ...

Therapy dogs are their future task specifically trained.

You can with your dog does not go through such a training ...

perhaps do you want to achieve a Ausbilfung such visiting dog for elderly and nursing homes? This works differently and is of course for you and your dog feasible ...

For this you can easily the German Red Cross inquire whether there lead a group of dogs or you turn times by phone to the disaster and ask about whether you can train with your dog and your training needs in a group of dogs ...

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