There was no operating system found. Disconnect any drives that contain no operating system

I have today rumgeklickt something and have restarted my pc. when he startetet again comb this message:

There was no operating system found. Disconnect any drives that contain an operating system.

what can I do to my data save? there are very important documents on it.

Please only constructive reply thanks in advance __

I've looked around but found nothing.

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the Windows 7 Image uses you much. As already mentioned, it makes more sense from a Live CD to start so as to get full access to the files. Take as already mentioned, either the small Linux or Knoppix at hand. You have the stick but do previously bootable and then grab the iso file on it.

If you all do not do this manually want you can also use this tool here. A clear advantage, it makes the stick automatically booted and installed the iso file is also the same on the stick. ;)

Good luck and if still ask are open, you simply meld again.

PS: As I said, not the Win7 Image accept therefore, because you may not overwrite your existing system and it may therefore be more difficult to get at all the data. Grüßle

looks like you've got your system "verklickt". lad you an iso how damn small linux ( ) down, burning the iso to CD, then put the CD in your PC, start off again, and choose the boot manager from the cd. then copy your important data on an external data media.

Do you have a stick or cd in the drive? rausholen Everything

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