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Hi folks: I come at a task not: Could you please help me? the gas amount of nitrogen, at 20 ° and atmospheric pressure, a volume of 5 m³ occupies, is in a 100Literflasche gefüllt.welche fuel quantity is in the bottle? how great the pressure of bottled gases is at 30 ° C? which earth has the bottled gas amount? (relative atomic mass of nitrogen = 14)

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Under Normbedinungen takes one mole of pure gas (only one component) has a volume of approximately 22.4 liters of a. The liter you can convert to cubic meters and then determine, for example via the three-pronged approach to the amount of substance in 5 cubic meters. (First step: 1mol equivalent 22.4 l = ... m³)

Then you determine the pressure in the bottle (change in volume) at the same temperature over the gas law pV = const. and then the pressure at the temperature change over p / T = const.

The last two steps can you naturally also with the general pV / T = const summarized.

Density of N₂ at 0 ° C is ρ = 1.25 kg / m³, therefore, at 20 ° C is ρ = 1.34 ...

and the mass of 5 m³ therefore 6.71 kg ... That does not change when you

the gas is compressed (in a bottle filled). Can you make the rest alone?

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