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I have to give my professional work in two weeks've now become the subject of my teachers get confirmed. My professional work deals with the Aboriginal .. with the critical / scientific question how the older generation (the first settlers) has influenced the present generation of Aborigines. For example, through rituals or the sanctuary of their mountain Uluru. The book '' Paradise Lost '' is probably good help in the topic but I think I've got the wrong author picked ?? John Milton .. hab grade in the book reingeguckt and I believe that there is no bit further helps me. Has anyone of you experience / can help me?

or I wanted to go to the library of a university and me da mal inform .. Thank you in front out (tomorrow:

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Hello baby122 - because you're right - Milton writes nothing about the Aborigines. The really best summary is again at Wikipedia, and at the bottom of the page also umfachreichen reading lists.

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