Thick legs equal big dog?

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Have me times so thought made over the legs of puppies that if they are thick, the puppy to grow up. Have so far not seen a puppy with thin legs wants to be about big: D What do you think? Is it really so, or knows their breeds where the puppies have thin legs?


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This is a myth that one thinks the paw size indicates the size of the dog later. My had as a puppy huge paws, everyone said is great. Now he is 53-54 cm tall perfectly ok for a male. The Standard says 51-58 cm.

In theory, this is so - but not always

My young female had as a puppy extremely thick legs - all felt it is time rießig Denkste - is for their breed pure average. My dog ​​- same breed - had as a puppy not so thick legs and large paws. However, it is the size slightly larger than average.

My old dog, however had for its size damn narrow legs and small paws. She was a mix.

But what we always true - built thick legs = broad.

Well an Irish Wolfhound has no thick legs even as a puppy.

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