Thin are, what not to eat?

Can anyone tell me what I should eat on garkeinen case in a diet to me? So all the foods that make total fat? Or simply make only not thin

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We have the right (for whatever reason) just stop in religious teaching and you definitely should not eat because that is not only unhealthy but can be seen then that you have removed unhealthy. Thou shalt easy as normal only eat a little less and stop times on candy, chips ..... refrain. More sports and then will work out. : D

the worst thing is sugar and fat connected! so no chocolate etc. most logically vegetables and fruits (fructose caution!) and little carbohydrates I could hundreds of things to write down which are good (or bad), but your healthy menschenbverstand should tell you actually already making thick and what is not !

Any kind of fast food and juices. Moreover Pastry ie biscuits, pizza, kebab etc ... Best Vegan little carbohydrate main thing that you see on the packaging

Can not say so sweeping, always depends on the amount!

So a lot of salad and water .... It is also in between something sweet, if one abtrainiert again

Can eat what you want as long as you sport machsr

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