Things for girlfriend and me?

Hi Guys,

I want to buy my girlfriend a gift. Perfume, bracelet and something we already have. What could I bring her? They may for example, if both parties have so couple things the same shoes. So as unisex can carry things which man and woman. Someone ideas?

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Maybe you can bake her something nice? For example, a cake, cookies, muffins? Or cook a jam? Maybe she has since taste preferences, on which you can enter ...

Perhaps a coupon for a common cooking evening (recipe searches them out ingredients you procure and cook + eat together).

A good idea is always a voucher for time with you, for example, a trip to the cinema, to an exhibition, the spa, a shopping tour, in the sauna, to the theater, a concert, a basketball / football match, for a cook -Evening, a massage, the dark restaurant, etc.

Otherwise, perhaps (engraved) jewelry (necklace, ring, bracelet), leather bracelet for you, photo of you in the picture frame, Voucher their favorite store, personalized chocolate or M & Ms, cosmetics / toiletries / perfume, good wine / beer, newspaper subscription, denim jacket, Pillows ( are so couple pillow with witty remarks), etc. Good luck! :)

A chain where both pieces fit together.

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