This is not a joke but I will not excite ... help: ((

Many like it probably as Schärz appearance it is not but it is very serious ... I am a young and 14 years old and look for 3 years p * Rnos and masturbate to. I have a physical mature 16 Year. When I was finally at my girlfriend we cuddled ... 2hours ... rumgemacht dannach .... 1hour .... danach3stunden without shell so I. Without tshirt tshirt and no bra and We have done everything you can do I have her breasts massaged caressed me, etc. Everything. So the problem is cuddling I was in the beginning bit erregt.als we I was taking an erotic possition rummachen very erregt.beim I was excited at 0 nacktenrummachen I was little erregt.meine trousers was dannach full and I do not know why I do not permanently was excited ... is this normal? Was long I've fooled around with my girlfriend so long please umhilfreiche answer.

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I would say that this is due to the P * Rnos. If you too often that I watch, it dulls sometime and needs more and more to be excited. You should have a long time to dispense entirely with the movies, if you want to be excited when your girlfriend.

Maybe you're'n bit here too excited? ;)

Happened many 14-year-old, even if they "have a physical maturity of a 16-year" * lol * whatever that should mean now ... ^^

You can not be continuous agitation, that would be abnormal. It is phase manner, there is always a low point and a high point. We men are not made for keeping hours our excitement.

You can multitask apparently well. Schaust always on the watch and do the same still around with your girlfriend. awesome xD But ne time bar 6 hours would be very bedänklich ^^ Be glad it is not so: D

If your pants was full, then that was your ejaculation. And after the penis relaxes nunmal.

Duration Excited? Young then you had ne time bar 6 hours: D

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