Threat of bailiffs!

Hello, have today received a call from a lady from law enforcement. There were a matter of contract Eurowin from 2012 where I could have finished a raffle and would not terminated after the three free-months. You have 4 letters with payment reminders sent to which I have not responded. Therefore now is a total over 5,700 € payable otherwise I could aim for a comparison with the law firm where I still have "only" pay € 2,680. Otherwise tomorrow comes the bailiff. Was now the police who said pay under any circumstances, I never see the money again. It should go beyond Wertern Union to Turkey. Now the supposed lawyer has said, then just do not, then comes the day after the bailiff. Have all recorded on tape. What do I do if someone really comes ???? Please help fast !! thank you

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Since no one will come. In Germany, still need to make enforcement a title (writ or judgment). Without this item no bailiff does what here. Best not to react with such calls, and hang up the next time. Google times Turkey Phone rip off!

have today received a call from a lady from law enforcement

It is unlikely that this was someone from a public authority actually.

What I'm really if someone comes?

I'm going to 99% assuming that no one comes. A bailiff requires a title to be enforced may, and there did not appear.

A bailiff is the earliest when the believer has a title. For this he has to send you a payment order, the you insert no contradiction, or sue you. So an official bailiff can not come !!!! If anyone else appear, call the police and file charges.

The bailiff can only come when there is a legal title.

I would not respond. The first would have a court order for payment or a normal litigation perform before they can ask of you what. If there should be a procedure in any case to deal with the advocate and not just put away without comment, because that can really be enforced against you otherwise!

It all sounds very strange.

  • Have you completed the Vertratg in the lottery and not terminated?
  • Is that with the four letters?
  • Has there been an order for payment with enforcement notice?

A court executor needs an enforceable title (eg. Vollstreckungsbescheid) before it can seize with you.

To send a bailiff who need a title, that is, the need to have won in court ever against you.

This is not the case, do it like I put you next to a whistle's time by the phone!

Of course the police is right - pay a penny!

Somebody should come, immediately call the police! And do not let! Should he even have a "search warrant", let him show you and ask else for a service card. Then you can before you let her in to call him at the relevant office and ask if this bailiff working there at all. Would I do well with any unannounced police visit, nowadays everything can forge ...

Just this whole crap ignore. This is anyway only as a scam, or have you ever signed what? Incidentally, you can call anyone without your consent. If someone really comes, I do not think, just do not open the door. call the police emergency.

but is class! When it rings, he should wait outside until the called police come. This person will likely take legs in hand and running "world record time"!

What do I do if someone really comes ????

call police, display filters coercion

crazy story, I myself would let anyone WITHOUT AN or Judicial Decision in the own apartment .... TALK: Let ring the fool, looking out the window and wave to him or her .... let the police or SWAT or even the G9 start :) Someone is here already add small and galloped off;)

You can start today before the district court (Enforcement Division) call and ask there who is responsible for your road bailiff. If tomorrow somebody actually does, you can show you the warrant card. If it is the bailiff, you let him in and're discussing the matter with him. If not, just close to the door. Be very reassured. No one will appear. These people threaten by phone and try to intimidate you. If you again receive a call, simply hang up!

A bailiff can be already switched on after quite sharply completed civil litigation. You would know if you've done since 2012 dunning or other processes that revolved around a lottery yet.

a Turkish bailiff?

is ne wild robber pistol ..

since none ringing .. believe me!

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