Throbbing in the head during sports ?!

Today at the gym I did something for my perseverance. Sometime later walked me quite well the pump and another thing later knocked my heart ... IN THE HEAD! By the time I also got a slight headache. Since then I have ceased for it ... now I still have a headache ... had enough ... I have what may be the throbbing in the head?

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usually is throbbing pulse-synchronous by large blood pressure amplitudes due (difference systolic to diastolic blood pressure value). One danger, for example, which breaks a vessel in the head, does not exist. A systolic blood pressure of 190 mm Hg at a 20-year at 125 watts is too high. I would not recommend regular aerobic exercise (at least 3 / week).

The rap cause thick main arteries in the head and neck area. There is a lack of persistence. The body is overwhelmed internally. But this can also be caused by high temperatures. Go next time ran slower.

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