Tibial head fracture by a dog

Hello you, the ever heard that you can break something by a dog? So for me was that in December 2013 where I was a dog has caught with his rump on the calf and I have suffered a tibia head fracture. Now we argue with the insurance rum because the do not want to pay. Do you know someone, or have you heard that before?

Thank you for your answers!!

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Normal that's not your shin head breaks when a dog pushes against your calf. Therefore, the insurance does also hard to pay. It could also have a fatigue fracture which has nothing to do with the dog.

I think you should let your measure bone density. It's hardly possible that such a thing happens in healthy bone. And that will be the argument of the insurance.


by Giuliano,


Accident by a Labrador

My wife is a Labrador dog I ran full force against the tibia. This has broken the right tibia head and the ulna of the left wrist. Hospitalization 18 days. There are 3 months passed and they still can not walk properly, at 23:03:12 it is on the left wrist surgery, because a tendon is torn to the thumb. This is also a result of the accident Can someone tell me how much pain money it deserves an expert? Thank you very much"

... There were similar question here before 2012 .... question but because at times, what came to your event and / or consult'd also recommend a lawyer.

Tibial fracture - that's a neighbor happened as their own dog has knocked out in a meadow while playing and raging ...

They also had to spend about 14 days in the hospital and after the operation has determined lasted 3 months she could walk free of pain again.

You should not get involved with the insurance on anything, but going to a lawyer with all your documents and can perceive your interests ...

So many people can indeed have poor bone density ...

I think you'll indeed the appropriate certificates from the hospital have ...

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