Tim Wiese steroids?

Hello and indeed a friend and I ask it all the time whether Tim Wiese took steroids or accepts. As he has said that he has received 40 kg of muscle in 2 years, which actually is not possible but with normal training.

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but this is not actually possible with normal training.

So it is and as it comes not once only to anabolic steroids (anabolic steroids). What can happen there is almost unbelievable. Supplementation over a cocktail from maybe 5 - 10 highly explosive "drugs" which then alongside anabolic steroids (synthetic versions of the male sex hormone testosterone) includes growth hormones such as somatropin (human growth hormone / HGH).

I wish you a good and nice weekend.

to 2 years 40kg muscle mass build up, really have to clean some whistle. testo, trenbolon, peptide, insulin and so convincing

That comes from bison meat lol .... no seriously I strongly suspect that he is what injects, 2 years 40kg impossible.

With normal muscle building, this is also not possible. There's prop. Always anabolic steroids in the game.

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