Time or training?

Hi, need your help!

I own since about 6 weeks a young mare 4.5 years old when she was but ridden year only just over a. 1 Our problem is that they can hardly be riding in line and they often lose momentum the galloping and even falls in the trot. Can someone help me how I can improve the?

Info: (it should actually be trained at the early age of three but the former owner wanted to give her more time give more to develop what the mare has then also made photos have then seen three years since it was still pretty lanky and even overbuilt and not really looked like a three year old horse from) the current problems can hang so together and then should I still give her some time or prefer increase exercise !?

PS: Is my first young horse that I just try using a riding instructor to train!

LG Freaki

The best answer

It takes time AND training.

That she has been ridden only a year ago, is not bad. The question is rather, how long was because their education? Is it a year ago, mostly frequently usual three months have been in basic training, and then nothing more, or is (further) worked with her for a year?

My horse is beside me even ridden by a "maker" - because it shows quite clearly the differences as he went after half a year, after one year, after one and a half or two years.

Without this experienced rider by my side, we would probably still be more or less "hopping" through the area, because I could not continue to train the horse. Actually one must also each horse permanently continue to work to preserve the state of the respective training - ie, not increase the training, but continue. And in time to come then educationally the things you expect from your horse. With 4.5 years, the horse is really not old and really need in terms of a careful training not all can.

If the horse also was indeed a year since the Anberitt under the saddle, it needs training and education. Following comes much later - at least not until the balance is there. I would do it again in fast-forward the entire basic training again and see if there have been maybe somewhere made errors that go easy hinder the horse now it.

If the horse is indeed ridden for a year, but only sporadically and not targeted, then it needs a whole new Beritt. Again, you should simply start again at 0 and work through the Beritt - because you quickly realize where what went wrong. Your riding instructor should know what to do, unless it also has no experience with young horses but. Not everyone can prepare.

For many horses the sustained gallop is in kringle very difficult - because it can be the young horse will not take offense if they draus cometh - the horse proper for unbalanced horses into the ground and the walk and trot belongs to the square.

Was the horse for long enough in training?

A friend of mine also has a young horse, which was only three months of training and therefore so had their problems ..

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