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Hello;) I'm going soon with the dog of a friend for a walk ... it actually all works quite well, except that they do not come when I call to you;? (Do you have tips how I could manage that, or just general tips for dealing with the dog or go for a walk? Thanks in advance :) lg Tastatur18

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Always talk with the dog :) So even if it digs a little spur and so that tightens a bit binding. And home workout bissl, ie call until it eventually comes, give her a treat and then again ... (Remains positive in memory! :))

Sry, now all the time in the hab "you" written form, probably. It is indeed a she :)

You want to go for a walk with a strange dog and do not know how to handle communication with a dog ???


Then just do not come up with the idea to free his dog off the leash !!!

How old are you? Are you allowed to lead the dog? Is there with you the 20/40 rule? Please inquire you exactly ...

except that they do not come when I call to you

Then you should the dog definitely not disturbing sounds! Your girlfriend may be get a towline and then must only times as long to be practiced until the dog has learned to come unconditionally if you call him!

Dogs must be kept anywhere so that they pose no risk to others. And a dog does not hear every word, is always a danger :-(

Emergency first time visit a dog school!

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