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Aimed only at women! :)

If I have my days, I always get terrible abdominal pain and cramps. Anything I can do? Any tips?

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I usually also terrible pain. It is best if you go to your gynecologist / to your gynecologist and describe to. You can give you the best advice and also possibly a good pain reliever, as regards such pain prescribe.

Otherwise either heat (for me it is rather cold) up place :)


Sit comfortably back with a hot water bottle or a heating pad on the abdomen, the relaxed and relaxed.

If you have no time or opportunity to make yourself comfortable, then there is in the pharmacy Buscopan, which is a non-prescription drug that acts generally anticonvulsant with abdominal pain.

Lie down with a hot water bottle in your bed and drink a cup of tea. If the pain is too much to bear, then you can still take one tablet.

Either the pill or ne heat put bottle on the belly (abdomen) is doing great! :)

What helped me the pill :) And otherwise hot water bottle and try to sleep so rest and lie mostly they are with me after also back to sleep away :)

Mir has movement (especially cycling) always good help.

Lie down in the hot tub, nice flavor to it, and then directly to bed with a hot water bottle and your favorite tea :) Good luck!

There are good tablets Dolormin for women. The have very well helped me. One taken and I had almost all day rest (one can / should to take 2 a day, but please individually and with break in between)

Take your prescribe the pill

Hot water bottle, or tablets best: MOVEMENT

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