Tips on career choice ?!

Hey guys ! As the question above already broadly describes, I'm looking for an education. However, I do not know exactly in which direction. To my question: Since nothing at all occupational tests came in rum, I would call times to you. There may be here so the A or others who might be affected by my character description has advice for my career choice. About me: I am very sociable, friendly and would therefore also quite like to work with people. I have nothing against office work, but should not determine my career this. Likewise, I would like to keep me some options open. Currently I am doing my final exams and it would be very nice if there were opportunities for further training. I am very athletic and interested in other countries! What causes that I had no objection to travel times abroad to work there. Well, I do not know what you could say great. Possibly someone has indeed a profession for me, might come into question for me! Thank you ever and if questions are open, just ask! MfG

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A training as an event manager / clerk would be an option for you. Perhaps you say the name Event Manager for more.

  • Man working in office for invoices, contracts etc.
  • It helps organize the event, hip so walk around.
  • You have to be sociable and organized - contacts are very important!
  • Events are represented throughout the world.
  • It is a versatile professional, as there are several event themes (such as sports, tourism, politics, video games etc.)

The problem is: It is a popular profession, although not overly crowded, however, must be able to stand out from the competition.

In your place I would go to university and study there computer science or engineering ... And then the ar ... fully deserve :))

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